Memories of a Southern Lady

She swept into El Dorado Bay not long ago, and the lives of all of us who knew her were never quite the same again. Her name was Peaches and we were mesmerized by her cheer, her good humor and her lust for life.

In her earlier days, Peaches had raised six children, taught Physical Education, piloted an airplane, and probably lots of other stuff; an accomplished lady, but you never heard her tooting her own horn.

It was a joyful sight to see her walking along El Dorado Drive in her shorts with her beloved friend, Buddy, the dog. And, she could play a mean piano honky-tonk as she did at our Christmas party last December.

Peaches enjoyed a good Scotch, and when the men of El Dorado Scotch Tasting Club invited her to join them on her 90th birthday last year, she did, and told them it was one of the highlights of her life.

Peaches was the mother of Dotty and Ann and had the good fortune to live very nearby her daughters, who took good care of her. And Peaches often took in a stray dog or cat Ė every homeless animal seemed to know it could find comfort at Peachesí house. As Dotty said, she feeds all of Godís creatures.

She may have embellished her admiration for others and for our possessions, but when she said how much she liked our house and loved to look at the glass sculpture in our great-room, we loved hearing it and felt charmed by her. She loved Camelot Book Club, and often said she was so happy to be with all of us "young people", that it was fun and made her feel good. Well, Peaches made us feel good too, and we all wanted to be like her when we grow up.

Peaches left us as abruptly as she came; diagnosed with cancer, and weeks later she was gone.

We are sad to lose her from our lives, and comforted knowing this lovely lady is home and at peace, resting in our Saviorís loving arms.

By Peggy/Margaret Oesch June, 2011