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El Dorado Beautification Day


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9:00 A.M. - The Crew can hardly wait to get started.


Eugene is having way too much fun. Look out Joe! That chainsaw is pointed at you!!


If it keeps falling off, it's probably too much.


OK, let's get that wimpy little fire going!


Why is Larry just walking back and forth?


I sure hope Max stops before he gets to the fire.


Let's get this pickup unloaded and go get some more.


Does it seem to be getting warmer to you?


Darrell, don't look now, but your shirt is on fire.


Wow, that fire sounds like a jet engine!


Who has the marshmallows?


Gene, it's probably a good time to leave. Your tires are melting.


Oh boy, here comes another load!


This crew doesn't waste any time. They're all over it.


Well, actually, Darrell is the only one that seems to be unloading the trailer.


Two customers already waiting for the restaurant to open.


More customers?


I should have worn my OU sweatshirt.


And the boys keep burning...


...and burning.


He had dark hair before he started supervising this crew!!!


If the fence were a little lower, we could break out of this joint.


Look!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!


Oh, it's just a squirrel.


Lord, don't let me eat more than two.


Now we're cooking.


OK, who put that last log on?


More? Gene, it's time to eat!


I want him on my team!


Don't mess with El Dorado, or "Giuseppe" will be paying you a visit!


Max, you're apparently in big trouble.


And to think, he started all of this.


Eat, drink and have fun.